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The perils of being a Prague Playmate

The perils of being a Prague Playmate

Posted: August 07, 2003

By Eric Volkman

Brettschneiderova makes waves both on and off-camera

Tereza Brettschneiderova doesn't walk into a room. She sweeps in, taking over a space. She is young, confident and not at all shy. Meeting this interviewer, she blew in 10 minutes past the arranged time, firing a "Sorry I'm late!" as she sat down. Though the two of us had never clapped eyes on each other, she was hard to miss in her figure-friendly floral print dress, expensive and gaudy pair of green Ray-Bans and trailed by her tiny dog Mimi ("Little Baby").

In her work, Tereza has to be bold, and she has to make an impression. She is an erotic model, which is not an occupation for the bashful and retiring. It's also not a profession for the old; Tereza, at 22, has been posing for four years now, basically her entire short adult life.

It was an ex-boyfriend who recommended modeling to her. "He said, "Try this. Maybe you have a choice. Maybe you can do something."

She did, and she could. At first, her jobs consisted of standard pretty-girl-in-nice-clothes fashion photography. But quickly, fewer and fewer accoutrements were involved in those shoots. "Before [nude photography] I did fashion, style modeling," she said. "Dresses, then underwear."

And then, nearly nothing at all. Young Tereza began posing for erotic pictures, many of which made their way onto the Internet. And soon, she was going farther afield for jobs. For young girls who like to travel, and who have the beauty and the physique for the work, a career in erotic photography is one of the best ways to see the world. Tereza discovered this very early.

"When I started, it was for one agency in Prague that did lots of jobs in Germany," she said. "Later I started to work with other agencies, and one of them did a lot of work with Italian productions. I was in Milan, Naples, Rome, Venice - a lot of places!"

But Berlin, Naples and Venice paled next to what was to come. "I started to work with more agencies, and they had jobs with American productions that made pictures in other places, like the Maldives, Seychelles, Marbella in the south of Spain."

But her most prominent job took place here in Prague. Several months ago, the Czech edition of Playboy contacted her for a photo shoot. And not just any photo shoot; Tereza was the cover girl and the Playmate of the Month for the July 2003 issue of the magazine.

Hotel clerking or modeling?

The timing of her entry into the erotic world was good for Tereza because, like most teenagers, she hadn't given too much thought to what she wanted to do. She half-heartedly attended a trade school in order to study hotel management, but the business didn't quite fire her imagination and she stayed with modeling. "I like it, because in this business I have more money, and I can travel," she said.

Born and raised in Prague to a hotel-clerk mother and a father who works as a manager for an electronics firm, Tereza is an only child, which perhaps accounts for her assertiveness and her blunt nature.

She moved from home only last year, but not far: Her first apartment is in Vinohrady, only a short tram ride away from the Zizkov home she grew up in and where her parents still live. The girl who bounces all over the planet for work shrugged when asked why she didn't move farther away. "I like this place," she said. "I live close to my parents, and the center also."

Mom and Dad are supportive. Rather than express shock and dismay at her profession, they encourage their daughter. Her mother appeared - clothed, thank you very much - in the Playmate Profile page of her daughter's pictorial. "She was happy about this," says Tereza. "She said, "I am in Playboy, and I'm 50 years old!'"

Smoking pot with Vin Diesel

Inevitably, some young girls who pose naked will be discovered by the film industry, a business that has always appreciated attractive young women. Tereza got her call after a few years of modeling. "I'm listed with one agency; they also do casting for film extras, when a movie needs some nude or a girl in a nice dress," she explained. "In Shanghai Knights [a 2003 film starring Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson], you see my face for five seconds."

She filmed in XXX - the Prague-made spy thriller starring its co-executive producer, Vin Diesel - in a two-minute sequence as the hero's temporary love interest. But Tereza didn't make the final cut - for reasons completely unrelated to her acting.

Following one night's shooting, according to Tereza, the cast and crew was making merry. Diesel and Tereza were partying together. "We smoked marijuana, and later we started a conversation," she recalled. "And he said to me something like, "All girls from the Czech Republic are bitches. You are not intelligent, you are not nice. I am the boss and you are nothing.'"

There are many people who would willingly take abuse from a famous and powerful person just to be part of his social circle. Tereza is not one of them. "He was drunk and stoned, and he was talking like this," she said. "And I said to him, 'You are a skinhead monkey, and I'm finished working with you.' And of course, he kicked me out. It was so funny."

Not everyone on the set found it humorous. "This old man who made the production, he came to me and said, "Sorry, Tereza, [that] we've finished like this. We must cut you, because Vin Diesel wants this. And Vin Diesel paid for 70 percent of this movie.'"

Word traveled fast about this spunky young girl who had the nerve to mouth off to a Hollywood star. "Now, my [agency] boss says to me, "Please don't [tell off] the top man in the movie,'" she reports, laughing.

Out of camera range

It wouldn't bother her too much if her film career were to come to an abrupt halt. She's aware that, at 22, her current career is approaching an end. "I want maybe one year more, and later I want to finish school and make something small [in Prague], like a cafe or boutique or something."

She has little interest in continuing in the business, as the director of an agency (a career path followed by numerous ex-nude models) or as a photographer. "When I finish, it'll be because I'm full of this business. ... It's not something you do for life."

What you do for life as a young erotic model is make plans for the future. Tereza's are fuzzy at the moment, but she's got time to figure them out. "I want to study more languages. I want to start Spanish, or Arabic,"she said. "I might want to study more at [hotel management] school ... but I don't know, because now my mind is really free."

Eric Volkman is business editor of The Prague Post.

He can be reached at

By Eric Volkman

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