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Flood-hit area in another close call

Víšňova residents are evacuated before river levels fall

Posted: October 6, 2010

By Sarah Borufka - For the Post | Comments (0) | Post comment

Less than two months after flash floods devastated north Bohemia and claimed five lives Aug. 7-8, rising waters threatened villages and towns across the region once again.

Authorities in the north Bohemian village of Víšňova, located in the Frýdlant region, one of the hardest-hit in August, evacuated a total of 18 residents Sept. 27 after the Czech Hydro-Meteorological Institute (ČMHU) issued category three flood warnings for the nearby river Smědá following heavy rainfall.

"We saw between 100 and 150 milliliters of precipitation in just four days. That is [usually] the average precipitation for the entire month of September," Martin Novák of the institute told the Czech News Agency.

In response, an anti-flood team in the village issued the evacuation call as a precaution.

"We issued an evacuation call for houses in the part of the village that was badly affected by the floods before. Some of those homes are still in a state of bad repair," said Vladimíra Erbanová, coordinator for the anti-flood team in Víšňova. "The evacuation call was of a preventive nature, and everyone was very cooperative because after what happened in August, people are scared something similar could happen again."

The ČMHU issued official flood warnings Sept. 27 for the northern regions of Liberec and Ústí. Water levels started receding Sept. 29, and evacuees were eventually able to return to their homes, although many towns and villages throughout the region remain on flood alert with weather forecasts predicting another wave of heavy rainfall.

In the south of the country, the popular tourist destination Český Krumlov was threatened by rising water levels on the Vltava River, and flood alerts were also issued for a number of towns and villages in central Bohemia before those levels also receded Sept. 29.

In the Frýdlant and Liberec districts, flooding shut down a number of roads and parts of highways.

Both areas are still recovering from devastating floods, which caused damages in excess of 5 billion Kč ($276.9 million), claimed at least five lives and forced some 2,000 to be evacuated.

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